The Eyelash Extension Manual

Glam Full Set -$60
Full set of Mink eyelash extensions that will give you a full but dramatic and glamorous look. This set is a combination of single lash extensions as well as some volume lash extensions.
***This service is recommended for those who may not have many lashes, have bald spots, or just want a DRAMATIC set without using strips or clusters.
Volume Set - $70
Volume Full Set is more dramatic than the glam set and is 100% coverage (depending on the amount of your natural lashes). A fan of multiple very thin lash extensions are made by hand and added to one natural eyelash.
One-On-One Eyelash Training - $400
Training is One-On-On on your day of choice, Sunday or Saturday. In the Training, we will cover before and aftercare, Proper sanitation, Safe Application & Removal, Marketing & Branding Techniques, Hands-on Training, and business start up. You will receive a kit which includes a certificate of completion, Lifetime Mentor, Training manual, consent forms, & Logo Creation. Full starter kit (Lamps, tweezers, glue, eye pads, mascara brushes, glue rings, tape, mannequin, mirror, and Lash Tray).
**You are required to give a $50 deposit and must pay the remaining balance before the class starts
We offer Memberships for one low monthly price – Memberships include one full set.  Memberships must be paid at the time of service. Members are encouraged to use their fill-ins as designed in order to maintain the apperance and health of lashes. Memberships are non-transferable and can only be used by the member and are valid 30 days after your Full-set.

Keep your lashes looking great for less.

You save money on lash fill ins, and each plan is tailored to your lifestyle.


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Classic Full Set - $50

Full set of Mink eyelash extensions feel exactly like your own natural lashes.

One-On-One Eyelash Extension Class